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A purrrfect day!

By Simply Books, May 9 2018 02:30PM

On Tuesday 24th April Sue, Isla and I went to Barnes, London to meet Judith Kerr, author of Katinka's Tale (one of this year's Simply Books Book Factor finalists) and many other famous children's story books. Isla and I are both year 5 book reviewers at Simply Books and had to apply and audtion for the chance to go. Before I went I had my breakfast (cereal and a smoothie).

As we arrived at the train station to meet Sue we were very excited and we had to travel on the train for two hours including having our second breakfast (we both had a fruit salad with yogurt and honey). When we got to Barnes we had lunch (a burger and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream) and set off to Judith's house.

Judith's house was beautiful with an enormous wisteria weaving up the tall walls. As we walked up to the door Katinka (Judith's cat) crept up and as Judith had warned us that Katinka didn't usually like strangers we thought this was strange. Katinka started showing off, first she snuggled against the wall then she scratched the wisteria and finally she rolled over on to her back and lay there for a minute.

When we went in Judith greeted us and we went into one of her rooms. We sat down and started to ask her questions. I asked lots of questions such as what tips she could give me for writing and illustrating books and also which was her favourite cat Mog or Katinka? She said the best tip for writing books was to just have an idea and do it!

Judith signed the books we had taken (I took the Tiger Who Came to Tea which I've had since I was a baby) and then she took us up to her studio. I was surprised to see that Judith ran up the stairs like a cat and she is 94! Her studio was amazing!

When we went back downstairs we gave Katinka some cat toys and treats. Judith said goodbye and gave us each a Celebration. We did a final bit of filming and then headed back home on the train, on the way back we had a sandwich and a chocolate orange cake. I think all we did all day was eat, sit, walk, interview and a bit of running (to catch the train!)

I loved our day out and thank you very much to: Sue, Judith and everyone at Simply Books for arranging a purrrfect day!

Charlotte, Age 9, Simply Books Junior Book Reviewer


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